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At M D FOODS, we have a range of baked goods that go well with your morning and evening tea.

Our bakery items aim to complement your breakfast or evening snacks.

We have a range of chikkis and candies such as rajgira (amaranth) chikki and laddoos, sesame (til) chikki and laddoos, for you to enjoy, whenever, wherever!

For your sweet tooth, choose from our wide range of indian ethnic sweets such as gulab jamuns, rasmalai, and rosogolla.

Our varieties of mouth fresheners such as abajpati goli, paan gulkand, sweet awla, and rose mukhwas are sure to end your meals on a sweet and refreshing note!

These items are processed at state-of the-art facilities to enhance their quality. We also provide them in smaller SKUs packing to bulk packing, depending on your requirement.



Indian Ethnic Sweets

Mouth Fresheners

Instant Mixes

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