Private Labelling

Our expertise in private labelling!

Apart from selling our in-house brand, M D FOODS also provides packing and private labelling services for spices, groceries, teas, pickles, and other items for its clients from such diverse markets. To acknowledge the growing global demand for packaging and private labelling, we also have expertise in client-based branding.

Our packaging and brand labelling initiative caters to businesses and organisations based in India and abroad. We have clients with labelling needs in international locations such as New York, the middle east, and Africa.

At M D FOODS, we do smaller stock-keeping units (SKUs) packing as well as bulk packing depending on our clients’ requirements. Our private label manufacturing initiative varies from 50 grams packets to 50 kilograms bags.

Everything customised for your brand

As a quality-conscious private labelling firm, our goal is to bolster the export industry. Therefore, we have the framework in place to ensure superior quality packaging and brand labelling that help businesses grow. From printing, packing, and labelling the commodities to delivering the final product, we conduct the entire process with a dedicated set of guidelines to meet the objectives effectively.

When it comes to the selection of packaging materials, we do a detailed analysis of the material that would suit the product best, and accordingly suggest it to our clients. We value our clients and safeguard the secret ingredients that make their recipes/ items successful, and hence follow complete discretion when it comes to their proprietary recipes.

As a business focusing on quality, we ensure excellent standards in our operations to deliver the best results. Our packaging strategy is such that various products can be manufactured and simultaneously packed and loaded in the same shipment or container.

We understand the unique brand identity of our clients and ensure to retain it through our packaging and private labelling services for their products and items. We do this by designing tailor-made and distinct packages for every client.

Thus, we offer a comprehensive range of safe and hygienic packaging options for our client’s products. It ensures smooth and error-free product delivery without any damages or leaks.

Why choose M D FOODS facility for your packaging requirements

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